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Design and implementation

We design and implement

Whether you are looking to implement a simple web mapping application or a full enterprise GIS, Astun will work with you to understand and document your requirements to ensure that the planned architecture and design meets your needs. The modular service based design of our solutions, whether based upon our standard iShare modules or bespoke development on OSGeo technologies, can be deployed on your own infrastructure, within the cloud or as a service hosted and managed by Astun or in a hybrid configuration. We will agree with you how we can implement your own security and authentication policies and procedures.

Most GI solutions are driven by data from other back office systems or partners, Astun has experience of connecting to over 60 different systems including CRM and ERP and to feeds from partners and OpenData providers. If we haven’t done it before we will work with you to develop the integration links or feeds and test them before finalising a design.

Once you have signed off the specification and design of your solution, the Astun team will work with you to deliver your solution using an approach based on PRINCE2 and agile methodologies.

Implementation of iShare includes configuration of data sources and base maps, some integration with other systems, incorporation of My Maps, My House, My Nearest pages into a corporate web site and optionally the application of a responsive design to support tablets and smartphones.

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Custom Development

iShare is a flexible platform that meets most of the geospatial requirements of Local Authorities, Emergency Services and Housing Associations. However, if your needs are somewhat different Astun offers a full custom development service based upon OSGeo technologies. The Astun team includes database specialists with strong skills in PostGIS, web applications developers (MapServer and GeoServer) and front end specialists (OpenLayers or Leaflet).

Astun has built database solutions that support national cover of OS MasterMap, custom web applications with bespoke workflows for vehicle tracking and optimisation and crime analysis.

Custom Development Image
FishMap Môn - fisheries application for Natural Resources Wales


Astun has used web services to connect with over 60 systems to enable data sharing across the enterprise and beyond to the internet. Astun’s data harvesting approach is best exemplified in iShare, our data integration and publishing platform now in use at over 50 Local Authorities.

iShare integrates with a number of key local government systems to deliver its core functionality. Linking to an authority’s gazetteer management system, for example, provides access to crucial location data held in the Local Land and Property Gazetteer. A person’s house, local school, or a doctor’s surgery can then be precisely located on a map

iShare’s Logger module integrates with CRM systems and online e-forms to provide map functionality and precise location search for fault reporting such as abandoned vehicles, potholes and broken streetlights.

iShare’s Publisher module integrates with planning and other systems including non spatial systems to enable Local Authorities to publish and fulfill their OpenData obligations.

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We offer specific one-to-one mentoring

If you have a specific task that you want to deliver using OSGeo technologies, Astun’s ‘one-on-one’ mentoring service could be just what you need. Mentoring combines personalised training focused on a specific task or project with an ongoing relationship with your mentor to support you following the one-on-one session. Astun’s mentoring is the ideal way for developers to get up to speed and deliver quickly when undertaking their first project with OSGeo technologies.
Mentoring can be provided on any combination of:

  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS (Spatial Database)
  • QGIS (Desktop GIS)
  • GeoServer (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • MapServer (Advanced rendering and map query engine)
  • GeoNetwork (Geographic Metadata and Information Management System)
  • OpenLayers (JavaScript map viewer)
  • Leaflet (JavaScript library)
  • MapProxy (Tile cache solution)

Mentoring packages will typically combine 2 to 3 days of one-on-one consultancy and instruction with 1 or 2 days of subsequent follow up and support.

See our mentoring case study for the Canal and River Trust


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Open Source Support

Open Source Support Image

Many organisations who are adopting OSGeo technologies need professional support to ensure security and robustness and to comply with IT policies. Our Open Source support packages are designed for those who want to develop their own applications using the OSGeo stack (as opposed to the standard support that iShare users receive) but need the fallback of a professional support team in case things go wrong. We’re already supporting clients in Central and Local Government with packages designed for their individual needs.

We offer three ‘off the shelf’ support packages depending upon the extent of cover that you need. For those who may have larger mission critical systems we can offer a customised package with varying response times.


  • Dedicated specialist support service inc Online Helpdesk
  • Support for the full range of OSGeo technologies
  • Quantity of Support Incidents
  • Consultancy Days included in larger packages
  • SLA with Target Response Times
  • Access to Community Forum

Formal Support for

  • QGIS
  • MapServer and GeoServer
  • MapProxy and OpenLayers
  • PostgresSQL/PostGIS
  • Loader!

Level of Support Available

All support agreements include a quantity of support incidents that can be used to quickly resolve the "how do I?" or "can I?" questions.

If the support agreement includes remote access to a client servers then support incidents can be used to assist in resolving specific problems.

Consultancy days included within Medium and Large Agreements can be used for mentoring, consultancy, implementation or configuration.


For more information see our pricing on G-Cloud

Astun Cloud Services

No more worrying about financing and managing a costly infrastructure

Many of our customers host and maintain their systems and data on their own servers however an increasing number are opting to take advantage of our Cloud services.

You can purchase any of our cloud services from the Government CloudStore without the need for a costly procurement process. There are four services available from the Government CloudStore and you can view and download the Service Definitions by clicking on the links below:

  • Astun Cloud Services
  • Geospatial Cloud Consultancy Services
  • Get INSPIREd
  • Get INSPIREd Enterprise
  • iShare In the Cloud - including iShare GIS

See all our G-Cloud services,

CloudStore Image
Astun Data Services Image
A comprehensive range of mapping

Astun Data Services

Managing Ordnance Survey base map data and imagery requires specialist software and can be time consuming. Astun Data Services offers a simple low cost alternative for PSMA members (or those with an alternative OS licence) to access national cover (or a licenced subset) of MasterMap and other data sets, including OS OpenData as WMS, WFS or WMTS and a vector download service with a number of  attractive cartographic styles.

OpenData Syndication

ADS also includes feeds to OpenData services including EduBase, NHS Choices, Local Government Boundaries, Electoral Boundaries (BoundaryLine) enhanced with data from OpenlyLocal and UK Neighbourhood Crime incident data. These feeds are served as a WFS ready to be consumed within QGIS or downloaded to your PostGIS database.




Open Data Syndication Image
iShare in the Cloud Image

iShare in the Cloud

Imagine no servers, no infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, no worries about backups or failovers, now add in the potential to scale up resources almost instantly to meet changing demand. iShare in the Cloud will free you from the concerns and costs of hosting and managing your GI infrastructure. It will also allow you to focus on delivering benefits from your investment in GI. In most cases you will reduce costs as well! Astun also offer a similar hosted and managed service for custom developed applications. iShare in the Cloud now includes the browser based iShare GIS.

Get INSPIREd in the Cloud and Get INSPIREd Enterprise

Get INSPIREd in the Cloud enables public sector bodies, particularly those with Annex lll data sets, to meet their INSPIRE obligations using our cloud service. Upload your data sets in standard file formats, create and edit your INSPIRE metadata and publish Discovery, View and Download services to - that’s it job done, you’ve just Got INSPIREd.


Get INSPIREd Enterprise provides an Enterprise metadata workflow from creation to publication and discovery.

Get INSPIREd in the Cloud image