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Training Timetable

GeoServer Essentials2 Days21 - 22 November 2017
GeoServer Advanced*1 Day23 November
QGIS Essentials2 Days5 - 6 December 2017
QGIS Advanced1 Day7 December 2017
PostGIS Essentials2 Days28 - 29 November 2017
PostGIS Database Administration**1 Day11 December 2017
Python Essentials1 Day14 November 2017
Python for QGIS1 Day15 November 2017


* requires GeoServer Essentials

** requires PostGIS Essentials


We run public courses at our Epsom offices (25 minutes from Central London by train) but increasingly at a venue to suit you. We can also run a bespoke course to suit your organisation wherever required.

Course Materials

All delegates receive printed support material including a course manual and installation guides. All of this material together with appropriate software and workshop data will also be supplied on a USB flash drive.

Courses held at our Epsom offices are conducted using laptops supplied and configured by Astun Technology. 

Training Courses Descriptions

GeoServer Essentials 

2 Days - 8 CPD points

Learn how to install, use and style maps using Geoserver
Day 1: Introduction - Getting Started - Drawing prettier maps - Simple Clients
Day 2: Advanced Styling - Other Web Services - UK Specific Items - Advanced Raster management - Security
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GeoServer Advanced

1 Day - 4 CPD points

Extend your GeoServer knowledge & explore the REST API
Day 1: Other Web Services - Running in Production - Advanced Styling - WMS
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QGIS Essentials

2 Days - 12 CPD points

A full introduction to this popular open source GIS software
Day 1: Working with Vector Data - Styling Map Data - Importing & Exporting Data - Connecting to Web Services - Loading Raster Layers
Day 2: Data Capture Editing - Measuring & Calculating Geometries - Spatial Geo-Processing - Using Print Composer - QGIS & Databases
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QGIS Advanced

1 Day - 4 CPD points

Extend your QGIS knowledge & explore advanced features
Day 1: Processing Toolbox - Advanced Styling - Atlas Generation - Raster & Terrain Analysis Tools - Geo-Referencing - Plug-ins Demonstration & Review
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PostGIS Essentials

2 Days - 8 CPD points

Learn the basics of using PostGIS (attendees should have the relevant GIS experience before attending this course)
Day 1: Introduction & Getting Started - Loading, Exporting & Using Spatial Data - Basic Structured Query Language - Further SQL
Day 2: Geometry Accessors & Measurements - Spatial Measurements - Spatial Relations & joins - Geoprocessing Functions
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PostGIS Database Administration

1 Day - 4 CPD points

Enjoy an introduction to the adminstration tasks needed to support a PostGIS database
Day 1: Accessing the Server & User Management - Adminstration & Monitoring - Configuration Controls & Performance Tuning - Indexes - Database Administration Tasks - Maintenance Tasks - Backup & Recovery - Issues & Further Considerations
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Python Essentials

1 Day

Learn the essentials of using the Python scripting language
Day 1: Introduction & Setup - Strings - Lists - Sorting - Dicts & Files - Regular Expressions - The Standard Library - Further Topics
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Python for QGIS

1 Day

Use what you've learnt about Python to interact and extend QGIS
Day 1: Introduction to QGIS - Introduction to PyQGIS - Python Expressions - Using the QGIS Python Console - Exploring the PyQGIS API - Plugins - Writing a Processing Plugin - Further Topics
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