Mike Saunt to serve on AGI Council

- AGI Council Election

We are delighted to announce that Mike Saunt, Managing Director of Astun Technology has been voted in to serve on the AGI Council.

Here is his personal election statement:

"I am a visionary thinker and expert within the UK GIS industry. I have strong technical skills and an honest, approachable and candid business manner.

My focus, as a Council member, will be to ensure that AGI is in a better financial & strategic position underpinned by a positive, current engagement with its membership than it was prior to me starting.

To ensure the financial and strategic vision, I will not be afraid to ask the hard, difficult questions ensuring that decisions ensure solid financial foundations in the future for the AGI. The costs and income of the AGI should be reviewed to understand the current and historic make up to plan for the future. Compelling reasons for organisations and individuals to be members and provide sponsorship are needed with positive, engaging communication to ensure that membership is undertaken and maintained in the future.

In the last decade the UK economy has changed considerably. This has resulted in massive changes in our industry but also with the use of Location, used everyday by millions of people in the UK, often without realising it. The AGI needs to maintain and enhance its reach into new areas to ensure that in the future it is catering for the next generation, not just the previous. Engaging with Academia and Industry around huge initiatives such as Open & Linked data are a must whist continuing with influencing government policy to ensure AGI relevance.

AGI literature, by default, should be published online and we need to ensure it is fully indexed by search engines. Members should have better ways of communicating and sharing knowledge with modern tools provided by the AGI to help facilitate a stronger community.

Fundamentally, when organisations or individuals want to understand what Location can do for them they should be able to, by default, find thought leadership and advice from AGI resources and members."


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