iShare Keeps Delivering

- Self-Service, Channel Shift

Four years ago Wycombe District Council implemented iShare. 'My Wycombe' was fully integrated into the Council's website. 

Since that time visits to the site and the number of unique visitors have been growing year on year, proof positive that iShare keeps delivering on the self-service and 'Channel Shift' promise.

 iShare visitor stats - Wycombe District Council


Here are the stats for 2014/15

137,106 visits in the year, an average of 376 visits a day (+ 31% on 2013/14)

101,464 unique visitors in the year (+ 40% on 2013/14)

1,045 users are now registered to receive email alerts for new and decided planning applications - up 18% on 2013/14  

My Wycombe continues to contribute well to the Council’s 'Self Service' Project and has featured several notable additions to information during the year. These include the embedded Collections and Protected Trees embedded map.

Increase in subscriptions to planning alerts continues, and several compliments have been received for this element of the service.

Of passing interest, the number of people accessing the site via mobile phone or tablet is still increasing. The rise in popularity of Safari and Chrome browsers continues, at the expense of IE. It is even more important to support all the main browser platforms.

Migration to iShare 5.2 and new servers was completed in July 2014, and since then the average response time for My Wycombe has reduced.

At what Cost?

Local Authorities have to deal with enquiries and delivery of services, sometimes on a one to one basis, sometimes over the phone and sometimes via the web. In 2011 SOCITM estimated the cost of handling enquiries by these three different methods as follows:

  • One to one: £8.62
  • Phone: £2.83
  • Via the web: 15p

Channel shift is the process of encouraging customers to switch from one to one and phone contacts to self-serving via the web. 

Find out more how iShare can help you with your self-service and 'Channel Shift' plans.