iShare 5.6

- iShare 5.6

This new release of iShare focuses mainly on metadata capabilities. But there are lots of other changes both under the hood and in the user interfaces. Whilst many of our customers have compiled and publish metadata on for the purposes of INSPIRE, the features in this release focus on creating and sharing 'enterprise' metadata which is an essential best practice in data management for all your spatial data, not just your INSPIRE layers.

iShare 5.6 enables users to associate metadata with individual layers by linking them to records in a metadata store, making the metadata available not only in iShare Studio, but also in the iShare Maps and iShare GIS user interfaces.

The metadata is read from a server running Catalog Service for the Web (CSW). This is a web service like WFS or WMS. If you don’t have a metadata store we can set up an instance of GeoNetwork (an open-source CSW) for you. In iShare you can automatically establish links between layers and metadata records, and edit links for individual layers if necessary. Once the link has been established, the metadata in iShare is kept in sync with the metadata store.

In iShare GIS a search box has been added to the application bar for searching layers and metadata. The search results will have a ‘Show Metadata’ link if metadata is found matching your search criteria to display all of the metadata for the layer. A new information icon has been added to the Actions menu to display the metadata for a layer.

Other updates In iShare Studio there is a new SLD Style editor for defining the cartographic style of OGC-compliant layers, which are now the default. We now call the original layers ‘Classic Layers’ whilst Thematic Layers have been incorporated into OGC layers.

In both iShare GIS and iShare Maps users will see a new link option to allow you to create a link to the map being viewed. You can then send this to someone else and it will open iShare GIS or iShare Maps with the same layers, zoom level, map centre etc. iShare GIS also gets an enhanced select and filter facility. Imagine a layer that displays schools on the map. You zoom in and select an area on which to focus with one of the selection tools. The schools in the selected area are highlighted but all the other schools beyond the selected area remain visible. If you click on the new filter button those other schools disappear. You can now print the map which will display only the schools in which you are interested.

There’s obviously more to this update and you can find the full release notes here.

iShare GIS highlighting metadata search, the link option and layer filtering