Astun User Group Thriving!

- Astun User Group Meeting - October 2013

The Astun User Group has been going for about two years and if the last meeting, held earlier this month at Astun’s offices in Epsom, is anything to go by, it has a healthy future. The 24 attendees included users from a number of local authorities, a housing association and a government agency. The group is run by users but supported by Astun. As always members were invited to take part and present. The enthusiasm, level of engagement and willingness to share ideas and thoughts bodes well for the future. Astun User Group, Epsom, October 2013

The Astun User Group meeting in Epsom was a well attended and engaging occasion - photos courtesy James Rutter

Denis Payne - GIS Manager at Cambridgeshire County Council and Vice Chair of the group shared his thoughts:

“User group meetings - exciting, interesting or not? To sum up the 4th iShare User Group - best attended (only just fitting into Astun HQ’s meeting room); best to date (according to some); and a major milestone passed - enterprise open product GIS - an exciting and interesting meeting.”  

“Two great user presentations - by Rob Steele (Mole Valley) and Simon Miles (Windsor & Maidenhead, reprising his AGI talk on going Open Source) were complemented by Astun presentations on Land Registry polygons and “Tips and Tricks” and, as always, a fascinating and entertaining presentation/discussion led by Mike Saunt that over-ran but held the attendees attention nevertheless. A great meeting that was fun to chair!”

Astun customers wising to join the group or come along to the next meeting should contact :

Richard Lewis - Chair