Astun participates in GeoServer Code Sprint

- GeoServer Code Sprint

Astun is taking part in and sponsoring a GeoServer Code Sprint this week. The GeoServer web administration console is built on top of the Wicket 1.4.x series, which is pretty old and unmaintaned. The purpose of the sprint is to update it to Wicket 7.x, the current stable version.

Due to the large distance between the two releases and the number of backwards incompatible changes accumulated by Wicket over the years this will require the concerted effort of a team of developers over a few days, including the changes to upgrade the code, and the thorough hand testing of the resulting modified interface.

A team of developers working in British Colombia will be supported by individual testers based in New Zealand, Argentina and the UK. Ian Turton from Astun is the UK tester. 

You can find out more here.