Procurement frameworks

Switching to Open Source GIS just got easier

Crown Commercial ServiceAstun has been appointed to the LASA (Local Authority Software Applications) and G-Cloud procurement frameworks. This will simplify the procurement process so switching to Cloud based GIS has just got easier.

Both the LASA and G-Cloud frameworks seek to drive savings for the tax payer and to enable local government to secure transformation, better interoperability, open systems and provide opportunities for collaboration.

Both frameworks are sponsored by the Crown Commercial Service.



LASA is a new procurement framework that has been developed with local authority customers and stakeholders including the Local Government Association (LGA) and Pro5. LASA is intended for the supply of software and related services that enable Local Government organisations within the UK to deliver services to their citizens. The framework is complementary to the G-Cloud framework for cloud based solutions. Both form part of the LGA National ICT Strategy for Local Government.

A framework in this instance refers to an agreement with suppliers to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the agreement. In other words, it is a general term for agreements that set out terms and conditions for making specific purchases (call-offs).

From a customer viewpoint engaging with suppliers is greatly simplified. Customers can pick from a catalogue of services/products and engage directly.

Astun Technology will focus on two of the eleven ‘lots’ published under the LASA framework for which there is already a perfect ‘fit’ with Astun’s widely deployed iShare Enterprise GIS platform.

  • Lot 9: Open Government Systems, Interoperability and Integration Services
  • Lot 11: Other Local Authority business systems including GIS

More specifically iShare is now available as a completely managed cloud hosted service available either through LASA or via the G-Cloud store.

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The Digital Marketplace is the easy way for the UK public sector to buy cloud computing commodity and support services. It is essentially an online catalogue containing details of each of the G-Cloud suppliers and their services. All types of cloud services are available in the Marketplace, including Public, Private and Hybrid, with offerings under under three categories: Cloud Hosting; Cloud Software and Cloud Support. Astun Cloud offerings come specifically under Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

You can purchase any of our cloud services from the Digital Marketplace without the need for a costly procurement process.

Under the latest Framework Agreement (G-Cloud 10) there are five services available from the Digital Marketplace and you can view and download the Service Definitions listed below.

Cloud Support:
  • iShare In the Cloud is a managed Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). It removes the costs and complexity of managing your Geographic Information infrastructure (servers, networks, bandwidth) allowing GI managers and analysts to focus on delivering Geographic Intelligence to staff and citizens reducing interaction costs.
  • QGIS in the Cloud is a managed service providing access to a centrally hosted Desktop GIS environment via a web browser. We believe that there are substantial benefits to be gained from adopting QGIS in the Cloud as an alternative to installing and managing QGIS on local Desktop PCs.
  • Astun Data Services helps you save time, money & resources in your management and use of Ordnance Survey PSMA data including OS MasterMap and VectorMap Local. ADS provides a cost effective and resource free alternative to translating, storing, updating and serving base mapping data to internal and public users.
  • Get INSPIREd - is an INSPIRE compliant service for Metadata Discovery, View and Download Services. Get INSPIREd enables users to meet their Phase 1 publishing and delivery obligations under the INSPIRE regulations without having to implement any additional technology locally.
  • Get INSPIREd for iShare is an INSPIRE compliant service for Metadata Discovery, View and Download Services. Get INSPIREd for iShare enables iShare users to meet their INSPIRE Phase 1 publishing and delivery obligations and their need for Enterprise Metadata within their organisations without having to implement any additional technology locally.
  • Get INSPIREd Enterprise is a cloud based metadata service that provides both internal metadata maintenance and discovery services with a workflow for quality approval and subsequent publication of a subset of records to or another standards compliant portal.
Cloud Support

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