Enterprise wide web mapping and publishing platform


Conceived originally as a public facing web mapping portal, iShare has grown into a sophisticated end to end Enterprise Geographic Intelligence platform that has been under constant development since 2004. iShare is built on Open Source foundations and has a modular architecture to enable added services, functionality and integration opportunities.

The underlying architecture is extremely flexible and stretches from a single server on premises solution to one that is fully hosted and managed in the Cloud.

iShare offers:

  • A public facing web map portal
  • A developer API that enables maps and local information to be embedded within service pages
  • An automated citizens alert service
  • A public facing fault logging application
  • A publishing platform
  • An intranet GIS
  • Integration with over 60 widely used back office systems including Land and Property systems, CRM, ERP, databases etc.
  • A Spatial Data Warehouse
  • A flexible deployment architecture - on site, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Shared Service options

You can find a detailed overview of iShare here.

Introducing iShare Circle images

iShare Maps

iShare Maps, is a public facing internet application which includes a map portal, a property or area centric report page, embeddable maps for use within web pages and location based searches generating textual lists and find my nearest results. Specific customer deployments can be accessed via the Customer Gallery.

Key Features
  • Easy to use intuitive interface adapts responsively to tablets and mobile devices
  • Can be deployed as a stand alone map portal or embedded in web pages
  • Flexible developer API for custom applications and integration
  • Supports all main browsers and mobile devices
  • Complies with modern web accessibility guidelines
My House Image

My House

Provides a comprehensive range of information related to an address and its surrounding area enhanced with a small embedded map. The service is configured from a combination of spatial searches, ‘back office’ system data, XML feeds and web services. Features include:

  • Smart hyperlinks to other web content
  • Printable as a report/profile
  • Can be adapted to produce a ward report for a councilor
  • My House can be the default page that a citizen sees after typing in a Postcode

My Nearest 

Provides information related to services, events or entities close to the user’s location. The service can be configured to show for example nearest planning applications, GP surgeries, schools, parks and open spaces or recycling points.

My Maps

A map portal providing intuitive access to spatial data including:
Gazetteer based search with location stored for subsequent reuse in My House and My Nearest (see below)
Layer control and legend
Find my nearest
Base map selector

iShare Modules

iShare Maps offers a lot more than a simple public facing web mapping portal. In addition to My Maps, My House and My Nearest, iShare includes:

  • iShare Studio which is used to configure and manage iShare Maps
  • DataShare which manages data connections to external data sources and workflows to transform data prior to publication.
  • iShare Maps API provides web developers with fine grained access to all of iShare’s rich functionality.

iShare Maps’ functionality can be extended to incorporate:

  • Logger - fault reporting and consultations
  • MyAlerts - location based email alerts and broadcasts
  • Publisher - publication of Open Data feeds

Find out more about iShare Modules

Module Icons

iShare GIS

iShare GIS offers much of the desktop functionality that most users require, enabling migration from a desktop to the browser solution for the majority of an organisation’s users, including even occasional data editors. iShare GIS will promote the wider use of spatial data within an organisation. It has a scalable architecture that enables an organisation to start off small with the potential to expand with no additional licensing costs.

iShare GIS uses ‘Profiles’ to determine which data and functionality are available to a user, for example one user may have access to limited data, a gazetteer search and printing functionality, while a planning officer may have access to detailed data, several historic base maps, editing, annotation and analysis tools. A user can be assigned more than one profile and has the option to switch between profiles.

iShare GIS delivers ‘Business Intelligence’ across the organisation and its partners linking to corporate data from back office systems or stored within the PostGIS database, which is controlled and shared for both internal users and partners via the iShare Studio application.

iShare GIS Constraints image
iShare GIS at Mole Valley District Council, displaying planning constraints
iShare GIS standard functionality includes:
  • An intuitive Google style interface, navigation and controls 
  • Layer control that incorporates a legend and enables manual selection
  • A search feature which can be configured to search against NLPG, AddressBase or internal datasets (e.g. assets, planning)
  • Selection and feature info tool by point, radius or polygon
  • The ability to run spatial and textual queries against layers and display the results on a map or
  • export to standard formats
  • Full editing of features and attributes (subject to permissions) including node level editing and correction
  • Measurement tools (linear and area)
  • Annotations including polygons, lines, points, text. Annotations can be styled, saved and shared with other users
  • Scale printing via templates and exporting images with OS required watermarks
  • Multiple base maps
  • Thematic mapping
  • Time series analysis
  • Scale dependent symbology and clustering
  • Online help system
  • Compatible with most modern browsers

iShare GIS is designed with a plugin framework that allows additional customisation.

iShare GIS is built on Open Source foundations including MapServer, Open Layers and PostGIS and utilises OGC standards including WMS, WFS, WFS-T and CSW. It has a scalable architecture that will support 500 initial users with the potential to expand to 3,000 by increasing server resources with no additional licensing costs.

iShare SDW

The iShare Spatial Data Warehouse enables the sharing of spatial data at multiple levels across an enterprise and beyond. This may range from high level ‘super users’ of professional GIS to users across an intranet using a browser based GIS, to citizens at home using a web map portal to search for information. Astun offer a fully fledged Open Source solution that delivers considerable savings in licenses, maintenance and support.

iShare SDW can be deployed as the master data repository for all spatial data with iShare GIS and desktop clients (e.g. QGIS, MapInfo Professional, CadCorp and ArcGIS) reading from and writing to the same database.

Additionally iShare SDW combined with iShare Studio can harvest tabular and spatial data from other back office systems and external sources and where necessary process that data for presentation to desktop and web clients (e.g. spatialise by joining with AddressBase, BoundaryLine or ONS boundaries).

iShare SDW image
iShare SDW Key Benefits:
  • Extends PostGIS to a full Spatial Data Warehouse
  • Manage data access for desktop and web clients
  • Access by multiple GIS clients e.g. MapInfo, ArcGIS and Cadcorp
  • Publish data to and from back office systems by scheduling advanced workflows to extract, transform and load data
  • Transformations can include anonymisation, aggregation, filtering, aliasing and geocoding
  • Audit usage and changes to datasets with the option to roll back
  • Fine grain role based security
  • Reporting functionality i.e. valid features, users with access, tables with auditing applied

QGIS Desktop

QGIS (formerly known as Quantum GIS) is a fully featured Open Source GIS client suitable for deploying on desktop PCs as a viable alternative to proprietary GIS products. QGIS is rapidly gaining adoption within local government and the wider public sector.

Based upon the experiences of our current customers, and our background within the wider GIS supply market, we are confident that QGIS can deliver substantial savings in ongoing maintenance and support costs.

Astun has deployed QGIS as part of an Enterprise GIS solution in a number of local authorities and provides consultancy, training, plugin development and support.

You can find out more about QGIS here.

QGIS Desktop image
QGIS desktop in use by trading standards at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

iShare OEA

OEA Image

The iShare Open Enterprise Agreement (OEA) is Astun’s response to traditional software licensing agreements which do not provide customers with comprehensive support, peace of mind and most importantly, value for money.

The iShare Open Enterprise Agreement is intended to facilitate an enterprise deployment of iShare. We want to help customers:

● Do more for less
● Make full use of the wider suite of products
● Integrate our solutions so that they become integral to their business processes
● Maximise the use of Open Source products by fully supporting their implementations and minimising risk.

An iShare OEA runs for a three year term with payments made annually in exchange for a package of software, updates, services and training. A OEA permits unlimited deployment of selected Astun products over the term of the agreement. Specifically it enables customers to:

● Install and use software across the enterprise
● Receive software training

You can view the full terms and conditions of our iShare Support here.